Are hairy women monsters with no value?

Can a woman be proud of her furry skin?

Of course a woman can be proud of her hairy skin. We are born with it, don´t forget this. No matter how you look you are still beautiful. It´s in the eye of the beholder. Or is it in the womens minds?

I recently came across a heartbreaking story about a greek woman written by Kat George. She has struggled all her grown-up life with her hairiness, finally she accepted her “female beauty”.

In school she was called a man and a hairy beast. Are really women monsters with no value?

The greek beauty

“I am a very hairy woman. This is, I’m assuming, at least partially because I am Greek, if that helps you with the imagery at all. I accept and even celebrate my inherent hairiness (inHAIRent? I’ll see myself out.) now, and the wonderfully expanded view it’s given me of what constitutes “femininity” and “female beauty”—but that wasn’t always the case. When I was in primary school, the mean kids would call me werewolf when I exposed my arms. (Kids are seriously the worst and, looking back, I have no idea how any of us made it out of school with a shred of self-esteem intact, but that’s beside the point. Kinda.) In high school, it was “DJ Gorilla” or “Unleash your beast”, the ongoing joke being that I was a man on account of how hairy I am.

Now, I’m not looking for sympathy. I have spent 29 good years in this body and it’s hairy as shit and I’m OK with that. I wax, I bleach and I shave, but I’m not as upset about my hairiness as you’d think. Yes, that’s mostly because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered. Sometimes I will just let my moustache be there because I can’t force myself to go buy wax. This is obviously part of the “acceptance” phase of my relationship with my body hair. Again, I’d like to reiterate that said acceptance isn’t about reaching some higher level of zen or self love, it’s literally just about having too many other things that are far more worthy of my worry.

This wasn’t always the case: I spent most of my teen years horrified by what a hideous, hairy beast I was. The aforementioned name-calling really didn’t help. I would obsessively bleach and shave and wax before any occasion at which my body would be exposed (a pool party, for instance). I used to have my arms waxed regularly and I made my mum swear on my life that one day she would pay for me to have laser hair removal on my snail trail (still never happened, mum, I’m looking at you). Being a hairy lady is hard, especially when unrealistic standards of beauty in the media would have you believing that every grown woman is as free of body hair as she was the day she slid out of the womb. Oh, how younger, less self-accepting me would’ve loved to have had the slick, hairless body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel! If you’re a hairy-ass lady, don’t sweat it (seriously sweat plus excessive body hair is not a fun recipe for BO)—There are worse things than being hairy. Being mean or racist or having incurable foot fungus, for example. Regardless, there are still struggles that go along with being a woman who is blessed with excessive body hair.”

Do you accept it or not?

Most of the people can not afford laser hair removal, but today there are so many different affordable ways to remove unwanted body hair.

If you accept your hairy body, well that´s perfectly fine!

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  • Louise

    Its not easy to be a hairy woman. But we have to support them who dont want to shave or something like that 🙂 i use ur product instead.

    • admin

      We are so happy that you use X-Hair. Thanks for reading our blog Louise.
      Of course we have to support every woman and man in their decision
      whether they want to remove hair or not.

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