Turkish bath mitt KESE

The perfect and fastest way of removing dead skin from your body with no use of chemicals!

The turkish bath glove Kese was introduced in the Ottoman Empire for cleaning purposes and for the health benefits. The Kese helps you exfoliate and purify your skin by removing dead skin and other impurities all whilst improving blood circulation to the skin leading to better skin regeneration and healthier skin. By removing dead skin, the pores in your skin open up and can breathe more freely leading to refreshed skin which is and feels healthier.

Kese the best peeling mitt in the world with proven quality.

The Kese holds the same standard in current day Turkey and is today used for the same purposes as before. Unfortunately it is not given the recognition it deserves, in the western world newer chemical peels are being used to fight cellulite something that has been deemed dangerous for your skin. The Kese is an entirely natural and safe way to remove cellulite on your skin without imposing any damage to your skin. Kese not only helps you avoid dermatological illnesses, it also helps you to remove acnes by speeding the blood flow and renewing your skin. Exfoliating and purifying your pores will open up and let your skin breathe. Kese purifies and refreshes your skin and makes you healthier through your immune system’s contribution to illnesses.

Kelebek kese of Turkey

The brand Kelebek was perfected by İsmail Üstün in 1965. The first bath glove by Kelebek however was manufactured in 1958 by Mehmet Üstün, the father of İsmail Üstün. Mehmet Üstün later went on to give over the formula of production to his son İsmail Üstün. After a while İsmail’s brother Sıtkı joined the company, but later they separated into two companies which worked together to produce Kelebek products. Kelebek Kese is produced specially woven with silk and viscose with a special technique which is kept a secret to this day. Kelebek Kese is the benchmark of what a good kese is, no other brand has been able to withhold the quality that Kelebek has been perfecting for over 60 years.

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*Peeling will result in exfoliation and purification. Will open up your pores and let your skin breathe.

*Removes dead skin cells.

*Increases the blood circulation.

*Natural floss – no cellulite!


***** “I get terrible ingrown hairs”

– “Absolutely love how my legs feel after a single treatment!

I´m super confident that I´ll never see another ingrown hair

after a few more weekly sessions using the kese.”


1. Weekly exfoliation using our Kelebek kese to effectively remove built up dead skin,

allowing pores to open and release impurities ✨

2. A Salicylic acid based cleanser morning and night 💦

3. Once weekly deep cleansing clay mask

(look for masks containing Dead Sea Mud, as they generally have better “pulling” power!) 💥

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